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Youth (Yunost’) Café, Moscow

It happens when you forget expectations when you open the door with a wave of the hand, yet not knowing what an absurd Moscow love is waiting for you. Why absurd? Because for me Moscow is a city that I can’t understand, a city I don’t want to go to, a city that I’m bored to walk around. Therefore, the least you expect from yourself is falling in love with its scenery. But Youth cafe Moscow is an exception, it’s my ray of light, my personal vanishing and coming youth, it’s a place when you completely forget how old you are, and you just laugh at the counter, knocking back Appletinis one after another.


Delicatessen, Moscow

It’s time to tell you about a drinker’s Mecca in Moscow – Delicatessen Café. Have you not tried a Pedro Manhattan or iron-roasted horse meat tartar? Then, go as fast as you can to Moscow City straight to Sadovo-Karetnaya 20!


15 Kitchen + Bar, Moscow

"Continuous tour on Ostozhenka"

I couldn’t figure out what exactly the 15 Kitchen + Bar touring meant, until I came across the fact that according to the concept of the bar every season (or spontaneously) the chef is being invited. Yes, yes, the chefs are literally invited from all over the world. I read that they had already been visited by a Briton, a Frenchman, a Mexican, and we witnessed the celebration of the Argentine cuisine by Pedro Staurino Bargero. I won’t list all the regalias, everything can only be understood empirically.


Mitzva Bar, Moscow

We walked along Pyatnitskaya for quite some time, until finally we turned into a lane where there was a precious door to the basement, with a menorah above it. No need for a sign or an arrow, everything is clear. The stairway is quite steep and even a bit scary. When you come to the Mitzva Bar, you sense in your gut, that something’s gonna happen to you soon. You will reveal the masonic conspiracy, or you will find yourself inside the movie scene “With wide eyes closed”, or you will be picked up by unearthly forces for the sake of sacrifice.


The Enthusiast sandwich bar, Moscow

I can’t understand this city and these people, whatever angle I’m trying to look at them from. It seems that everything is much easier for those, who are all ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, but in reality they are all in their own way, but in reality they are the most zealous snobs that I know. Same thing with bars. You think that in the cocktail bar Martinez with the Metlakh tile floor and the four-page cocktail card, you will be met with indifference and with peculiar arrogance, but you face this attitude in a super ‘friendly’ place on the backstreets – the Enthusiast bar.


Moloko café, Moscow

Do you remember Moloko in Minsk? - Yes! But this is totally another Moloko.

During all my previous stays in this city, Moscow tried to convince me of its hospitality and almost succeeded. After the bar Martinez and Klava I began to doubt that Moscow was alien and snobbish everywhere, even in the most affordable places. Not to mention the bar with windows facing Christian Louboutin and Prada shops. Although from a distance, it seemed to me that the Moloko café had every chance of being the most democratic European café with unconventional cuisine and signature cocktails, cute waiters and a casual but graceful atmosphere with wide-open windows and old-fashioned lamps on the bar counter.


Klava Bar, Moscow

Cocktails, in general, are for man. Only then Pina Colada was invented.

We went to Klava during our 9-hour night flight change in Moscow on our way to Cuba. It was not so easy as I imagined to find a place that works till dawn on weekdays, but when I came across Klava, I realized that it was a sign, because I already wanted to go there, even when I kept on coming on a short one-day visit to my Moscow friend. But in the end we always chose to go to other places, and Klava kept on waiting for me all this time.


Martinez Bar, Moscow

For isn’t the life of man a momentary boozing of the soul? And an eclipse of the soul as well? We are all as if drunk, only everybody in his own way: one person has drunk more, the next less.©

Moscow. October. That very time, when every gust of wind picks up to the bone, so that you can finally learn that the summer is over. We’re diving from station to station in search of the dance shops of interest, and when evening comes, weakened, we return to the Clean Ponds to our hotel, which is not exactly star-abounding type, nonetheless situated in a nice old building. It seems that there is nothing around except a few cafés, and there is no energy left to travel to the center and explore fancy Moscow places. We decided to trust the mobile gadgets, who immediately informed us that in vicinity of 50 meters we can find quite a decent place with “good cocktails” named Martinez.