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Peresmeshnik Bar, Minsk

What a joy it is when a social event pushes me to get of the loop and makes me finally do what should have been done long ago. For example, finally I read “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and, well, I must admit it would feel embarassing to answer “no” to Kozlovsky’s question if I read the book (by the way, he hasn’t read it yet). Peresmeshnik Bar (the name means ‘mockingbird’ in English) has no direct connection to the book, however some allusions and references on the instinct and visual level can be spotted here and there. Peresmeshnik is a stylish and serious bar, it has a recognizable, yet subtle character, and it suits the purpose.


Bar DelBar, Minsk

Who knows the location the first brothel in Minsk?

There is always this particular tremulous anticipation when the project is done by those to whom you are ready to entrust yourself unconditionally. Watching how this project is being born, you are increasingly drawn into this suspense, noticing the details, growing the expectations. Once you’ve received an invitation, you carefully hold it in your hands, because it takes just one more step – and you will know everything you need to know. Behind the velvet-green door on Revolutsionnaya 28, under the carved butterfly, the Delbar glistens with its novelty. Bar.DelBar.


Chapski Bar, Minsk

“Chapski” has finally opened its doors, although, I must confess, we went there for a private opening a couple of weeks ago. And this is how I saw that bar: the place was packed, all familiar faces, glad, smiling, raising eyebrows at the sight of you and saying “I knew that I would see you here”. There was enough space, everyone felt comfortable, pleasant hubbub blending with music, and at a nearby table someone exclaimed, grinning: “It’s impossible not to have a tonic in a bar!”. And instantly, a tonic appeared on the table. Vlad came up to me and asked what we were drinking, laughing – “So I think to myself, who is drinking vodka in my bar”. A big crowd – in a small and heartfelt place. Meaning, in a significant place.


The ‘1067’ pub, Minsk

It’s unimaginable that a bar with a name of ‘1067’ would not instinctively appeal to me. I attempted to get there a couple of times, but was stopped by someone’s reasoning: Do you really need to go to this boozer? – And so, I kept walking by. Yet the instinct told me that this pub was what I really needed. Nonetheless, one day, after watching a tough western in the ‘Belarus’ movie theater, we went there to take a beer or two.


Kurilka Bar, Minsk

Kurilka Bar is a reincarnation of the scandalous Smoke & Mirrors Bar, adjacent to the most expensive barbershop in the city. Minsk has a long way to grow and develop, we should keep in mind, our bar industry still blossoms with puberty pomp. And after the bar stood unclaimed for almost a whole summer, a decision was made to re-arrange it, and so Kurilka appeared.


Coffeehouse 26, Minsk

On Sverdlova 26 in Minsk there is an absolutely wonderful coffeehouse with a simple name ’26’. From the pictures I saw on Instagram, I guessed that it was hid somewhere in the courtyard of Sverdlova Street, but no, I was wrong – it was just my favorite game of space. Brickwork, garden benches, garlands of light bulbs and flags – like a playful patio of some Italian town


DEPO on Zybitskaya Street, Minsk

Finally! Now I do not need to go for my favorite “Blini #6” to Oktyabrskaya street, now I can get it between the “Cherdak” and “DIY”, right on Zybitskaya Street 6, where the second spot of DEPO has finally opened. Opening was long-awaited and not only because these blini almost became a symbol of new Minsk, but also because there was obviously not enough food in the area.


Restaubar ‘Tishe Myshi’, Minsk

Oh, exploring and discovering new bars – all the glitz and glamor of Minsk with a sarcastic “Financial crisis? What crisis?”. Last time at opening of the democratic restaubar Banki-Butylki I screwed up and appeared in my kicks, while the others showed off their best outfits and complained about the absence of a red carpet, this time I have decided to put on a dress for opening of Tishe Myshi (the name means “quiet as a church mouse” in Russian). Fortunately, my instinct and some vague hints from Instagram didn’t mislead me – both the dress and the shoes were timely, and hopes for a beautiful, refined, stylish bar were fullfilled.


Blini house ‘DEPO’, Minsk

To be honest, street food in Minsk is so-so. I always wondered who is behind the Hutka Smachna franchise, and how they managed to create a business so invulnerable to the Belarusian reality. I’m sure that everyone of us living in Minsk once he or she was coming home from the dance club, at five in the morning, still having hangover and being wildly hungry bought a hot dog or a zlatka at Hutka Smachna. But our stomachs are no longer so pumped up, at least mine is not, I gave up after the 3rd hot dog from Hutka Smachna, and since then I do not approach these stands. An alternative? There is still none, but I really expect that the owners of DEPO, as well as Lavka and Hooligan will become masters of street food with their beautiful blini (a typical Russian/Belarusian dish, a sort of pancakes) in our glorious city.


Salvo of El Pushka, Minsk


Hola! Buenas tardes! – cheering was heard from all around. Salud! Salud! Then, increasing sounds – push push push push – clapping on the bar counter and raising tequila shots. Opening of El Pushka made a great success and brought a great holiday for everyone involved. Directly at the door you met hospitable Aurelio, greeting with tequila, then after successfully making the distance to the bar counter through a huge crowd, you could drink brand cocktails, and at the end – saluting with sangriata. The fun was dashing in a Latin American style; it seized the whole Herzen Street. The guys from Bessonitsa gave a triumphant volley with opening bottles of sparkling wine in honor of their new compañeros.


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