Who knows the location the first brothel in Minsk?

There is always this particular tremulous anticipation when the project is done by those to whom you are ready to entrust yourself unconditionally. Watching how this project is being born, you are increasingly drawn into this suspense, noticing the details, growing the expectations. Once you’ve received an invitation, you carefully hold it in your hands, because it takes just one more step – and you will know everything you need to know. Behind the velvet-green door on Revolutsionnaya 28, under the carved butterfly, the Delbar glistens with its novelty. Bar.DelBar.

Бар Дельбар, Минск

After its opening, I have heard many, even too many, opinions, sometimes too sharp, sometimes too vague. My attitude is that the bar can be judged only a month or two after the opening, only then, it becomes clear. When a circle of people is formed for entering these beautiful doors, when all the work mechanisms are adjusted, when balance is in place. In the meantime, I offer you my first impression.

Бар Дельбар, Минск

Bar.DelBar is a game. Not just a good pun (”bordel” means ”brothel” in Russian), no, it’s a game with an idea, with a concept. It’s like a postmodern novel: you can blindly follow the story, delve into the romance lines and get absorbed in the dialogues. Inbetween the lines one can catch meanings, irony, sarcasm, allusions – and then, the novel is no longer just a novel, but a parallel reality, into which you sink, like in a dream. I do not want to evaluate the details of decor in Delbar, or the correctness of serving drinks, or the choice of music. I want to play their game: casually reveal a naked knee, sitting down on a bar chair, drop a napkin, picking up a glass of sparkling wine, or saucily turn around, leaving for the ladies’ room.

Бар Дельбар, Минск Бар Дельбар, Минск

Here I want to laugh loudly, drink a lot, let my hair down in the middle of the night, and look around hoping for a private room, hidden behind some of these doors. I may not want to have it literally, but I want a sense of what it can be here. I want to feel sexy here.

Бар Дельбар, Минск

Even though this place is somewhat luxurious, I like that it was not made by those typical old hard-core forty-year-old snobs, but by Masha-we-all-need-to-relax-Kostyushkina, Artem-I-don’t-care-what-you-think-about-my-music-Stepushin, and those whom I do not know, but I’m sure I would enjoy their company. Special thanks to Vova the bartender, who is ready for any and every eventuality, and the masterchef, a true virtuoso, who honored me with a gastrorgasm.


Revolutsionnaya 28, Minsk

Sun-Mon 14:00 —00:00

Tue-Thu  14:00 — 02:00

Fri-Sat 14:00 — 5:00


photo credit — relax.by