"Continuous tour on Ostozhenka"

I couldn’t figure out what exactly the 15 Kitchen + Bar touring meant, until I came across the fact that according to the concept of the bar every season (or spontaneously) the chef is being invited. Yes, yes, the chefs are literally invited from all over the world. I read that they had already been visited by a Briton, a Frenchman, a Mexican, and we witnessed the celebration of the Argentine cuisine by Pedro Staurino Bargero. I won’t list all the regalias, everything can only be understood empirically.

15 Kitchen + Bar, Москва

But until I hit the praises of food, I will concentrate on drinks. Although the gastronomic delights are on the first place in the name and in the concept, the cocktail card is tops, who would have doubted, and I really, really like the idea of ​​its design. All cocktails are divided into four elements. I suppose that the fire section will make you be on fire, the air – will make you be lightminded, the earth – will make you firm in your intentions and the water –  will make you sail away with a pleased smile. In fact, it’s in the proof, astringency and saturation. Instead of names, they simply have order numbers, so as not to be distracted by trivia, because it is necessary to spend some time studying the ingredients.

15 Kitchen + Bar, Москва

For example, “18” – cherry-marshmallow liquor, carrot gin, squeezed lemon, triple orange meringue. Or “19” – cinchonic wine baked with corks, strawberry, rhubarb, raisin vodka, celery. Or “17” – red currant, vermouth, apricot brandy, cloves, grapefruit sherbet, sparkling wine and beetroot dust. From the last, my lips were so sweet and tasty that I really wanted to kiss myself.

Это тот самый "17"

This is the very “17”

And in general, to be honest, when you read these ingredients, you wait for the extravaganza of taste, you expect that each ingredient will play on its string of taste receptors and you will almost feel a rainbow in your mouth. But it’s doesn’t happen this way. This extravaganza doesn’t appear. In fact, you just drink a delicious cocktail. Only “17” made my heart beat faster.

15 Kitchen + Bar, Москва

Talking about 15 Kitchen + Bar, you can’t but go jump to the food.  Because the chef was Argentinian our choice fell on the meat: beef chops and beef cheeks (my weakness now). So cheeks served with puree from cauliflower and grapes was exquisitely delicious.

15 Kitchen + Bar, Москва

I strongly recommend not to be afraid of making a reservation on almost the most expensive street in Moscow. It seems to me that this is the place, where you can give yourself the feeling that everything is at your feet, just make sure to fill your purse tight.


Pozharsky Lane 15, Moscow

Tue – Sun 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.



Photos – facebook.com/15KitchenBar