It’s unimaginable that a bar with a name of ‘1067’ would not instinctively appeal to me. I attempted to get there a couple of times, but was stopped by someone’s reasoning: Do you really need to go to this boozer? – And so, I kept walking by. Yet the instinct told me that this pub was what I really needed. Nonetheless, one day, after watching a tough western in the ‘Belarus’ movie theater, we went there to take a beer or two.

паб 1067, Минск

What a coincidence: we shared the same mood! Don’t get me wrong, the ‘1067’ bar, or rather the ‘1067’ pub, has not been styled to look like a wild-wild west saloon. But did you notice how quiet public places are in Minsk? People sit quietly, speak in a low voice and when the music is playing, then in general, you can’t hear anyone. There’s no ‘buzz’, but when some overly excited group of people is finally breaking the humble silence, those disapproving looks are instantly sent to them by the public, condemning such behavior. Am I wrong? But very often I find myself thinking about this, especially after returning from trips or while I’m hosting foreign guests in Minsk. Well, there is ‘buzz’ in ‘1067’! This cool vibrant ‘buzz’ – moreover in such a tiny place – is music to my ears. Minsk not dead!

паб 1067, Минск

All in all, when you look at it, the place is rather promising and kind of unique. It’s not a cocktail bar, it’s not a place with some conception and it’s not a classic “all-inclusive” bar. It is neither a dump with some cheap beer, nor a franchise or vodka room. It occupies the very niche on the bar map of Minsk, which used to be a glaring gaping hole. It’s an unsophisticated pub with a good low-priced beer (a huge list is displayed on the menu!) and burgers, which attracts a descent (adequately behaving) public (I don’t know how they manage to do this). No hipsters, no nerds that can drive you nuts with their show-off intelligence, but instead, some easy and descent people who don’t mind drinking and eating in a loud company.

паб 1067, Минск

Maybe it’s all in the name? Maybe it’s all about the right approach? Yet I’ve got the feeling that the guys themselves were not ready for such a full house. The waitress occasionally felt into a quite hissing hysterics, while the bartender looked confused when the guys, which were sitting at the tables, showed up at the bar counter to order something in order to speed up the whole process. The essence of this still does not change: it’s a nice place despite design flaws and narrowness. Nonetheless it’s still nice here, ain’t it?


Vulica Ramanaŭskaja Slabada 7, Minsk

Mon-Sun – 12:00 a.m.- until the last guest, kitchen until 11:00 p.m.


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