Kurilka Bar is a reincarnation of the scandalous Smoke & Mirrors Bar, adjacent to the most expensive barbershop in the city. Minsk has a long way to grow and develop, we should keep in mind, our bar industry still blossoms with puberty pomp. And after the bar stood unclaimed for almost a whole summer, a decision was made to re-arrange it, and so Kurilka appeared.

I read an interview with Sadovoy, he explained the name of the bar very well and with a great sense of irony (this we all could learn from him), he said that the name – Kurilka (it means “smoking room” in Russian) is a banter of ourselves, and just a place where all the interesting stuff is happening and is being discussed. At my university, by the way, the smoking room was exactly the place where things were happening. But a wet-head passing by might be confused by the name, not even the name itself, but the fact that an elegant bar is behind this name.

бар "Курилка", Минск

I love places where there is only a bar counter. This is the ideal bar design, and if Heroi have not won my love (which does not prevent them from being a cool bar), Kurilka seems to be very close to it. A square room – a square bar counter! The closed space, which creates a crazy coziness.

Of course you can smoke in the bar. The bartender can easily roll a cigarette if you ask him to. Yes, the bartender! Oh, it’s a song … and in the literal sense of the word – a song. Order a classic ‘Negroni’ or just gin and tonic – and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

бар "Курилка", Минск

Needless to say, all drinks are on fleek. From Manhattan to the signature Mensky Sour. The spectrum of gin and tonic is impressive, even the choice of red wine has been praised by a foreign gastrophile. But you know, it neither surprises nor pleases me. This has brought universal satisfaction, because here it is – a bar as it is and how it should be. When you read in the interview that the bartenders are 30+, that they can support any topic, it seems that most likely the conversation will become tedious and far-fetched. But in reality, it is absolutely the opposite, and this makes the evening accomplished. You don’t go to a bar just to get wasted, you come there for communication, for conversation, for broadening your worldview, and this is priceless.


Svobody Square 23, Minsk

Mon-Sun 6:00 p.m. – 04:00 a.m.

Manhattan – 12 rubles, Mensky Sour – 11 rubles.

Photo credit – facebook.com/kurilkabar/