Finally! Now I do not need to go for my favorite “Blini #6” to Oktyabrskaya street, now I can get it between the “Cherdak” and “DIY”, right on Zybitskaya Street 6, where the second spot of DEPO has finally opened. Opening was long-awaited and not only because these blini almost became a symbol of new Minsk, but also because there was obviously not enough food in the area.

Well, wouldn’t you agree that in this district of Minsk one can find only snacks, and at Calvin Coolidge a sandwich for 25 rubles sticks in the throat. There is a possibility, by the way, that you will not be allowed in there either – there one is judged on looks, well, God bless snobs. At DEPO, everyone from all around is flocking to the blini, you can see in detail all types of people wasting their weekend on Zybitskaya Street, and even if not everyones is lining for the blini (please, put a couple more stoves!), then there is also a line for the WC (is it possible to build a couple more stalls?). So while drinking you can also engage in another activity: making up the social cut of the Belarusian fashionable crowd.

At DEPO, the cider is being poured, you do not notice how a 0.75L bottle disappears, and now you are going after the next one, especially if you chose “Blini #45”, as it says in the menu “fried by the devil, hot and fiery, straight from hell.”

I want to thank the girls, I see how they are working for two camps, and this is not an easy task. I once heard that they talked about the fact that the new DEPO could not find any staff for several months, only after the graduation young and promising specialists started calling. Come on, you guys! Who has not worked a day in a restaurant before turning 25, they do not know life, that greenhouse office plankton, with a rare exception, of course.


Як мы будавалі ДЭПО на Зыбіцкай

Zybitskaya Str 6, Minsk

Tue-Thu 11:00 – 23:00

Fri-Sat 11:00 – 01:00


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