To be honest, street food in Minsk is so-so. I always wondered who is behind the Hutka Smachna franchise, and how they managed to create a business so invulnerable to the Belarusian reality. I’m sure that everyone of us living in Minsk once he or she was coming home from the dance club, at five in the morning, still having hangover and being wildly hungry bought a hot dog or a zlatka at Hutka Smachna. But our stomachs are no longer so pumped up, at least mine is not, I gave up after the 3rd hot dog from Hutka Smachna, and since then I do not approach these stands. An alternative? There is still none, but I really expect that the owners of DEPO, as well as Lavka and Hooligan will become masters of street food with their beautiful blini (a typical Russian/Belarusian dish, a sort of pancakes) in our glorious city.

In the meantime, DEPO is expanding, I’m waiting for opening on Zybitskaya, because I rarely go to Octyabrskaya Street. Plus the place is very crowded, hardly any space inside, and the girls taking orders give you a warning that the waiting time for your order is about 30 minutes. But anyways, the quality of these unrealistically huge blini is never affected, even by this overcrowdedness. Which type of blini do you like? I like Number 6, with chicken, cheese and lemon – and there’s always enough lemon, as well as everything else.

The other day on the social media I saw a video clip about their upcoming spring drinks – instantly I became very thirsty, I wanted to try everything. Especially I was intrigued by Coffee Tonic! A couple of days ago I was literally wobbling around Minsk in search of an ice coffee and I was shocked when I got refused with “there is nothing like that on the menu yet” in several bars and cafés in a row. Not on the menu?! Ice coffee?! Probably no ice in a bar or a café? Maybe, no accounting and no appropriate business plan was written for some more ice to be included, shall we immediately engage the entire department to do it? Oh, I am sorry, I have really had an urge to share my anger.

Apparently there is no way to prepare an ice coffee unless it’s on the menu, but now it’s the middle of May for Christ’s sake, it’s time to have the cold drinks on the menu, ain’t it? DEPO did a bit more: finally there is ice coffee on menu, but also a promo video was created. A beautiful, by the way, video clip.

Вясновыя напоі

This is “Вясновыя напоі” by ДЭПО ежа/бар on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

So now back to what I am trying to articulate here. I am a bit lazy to go all the way to DEPO, but just the existence of this place in Minsk makes me a little bit happier, because the city has to develop, and in particular, in this street food/fast food direction. What about drinks? Take a cider, the best one is in craft paper. Sit down on the bench under the portrait of Korotkevich (a famous Belarusian writer) and enjoy – “This is Belarus, baby”.

P.S. Could you please add less sugar-syrup in the lemonade?


Oktyabrskaya Str 23, Minsk

Sun-Thu 11:00 – 23:00

Fri-Sat 11:00 – 01:00

blini №6 – 5.5 rubles, cider — 5 rubles.


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