Hola! Buenas tardes! – cheering was heard from all around. Salud! Salud! Then, increasing sounds – push push push push – clapping on the bar counter and raising tequila shots. Opening of El Pushka made a great success and brought a great holiday for everyone involved. Directly at the door you met hospitable Aurelio, greeting with tequila, then after successfully making the distance to the bar counter through a huge crowd, you could drink brand cocktails, and at the end – saluting with sangriata. The fun was dashing in a Latin American style; it seized the whole Herzen Street. The guys from Bessonitsa gave a triumphant volley with opening bottles of sparkling wine in honor of their new compañeros.

El pushka, минск

It seemed as if this little bar engulfed one third of the population of Minsk on the day of opening. Dancing was the only thing missing, especially when the entire bar singed in unison Bandera’s Cancion del Mariachi. To the question “How can I help you?” you could answer with “Pour me something, amigo“, and this felt right and appropriate. The bar was crowded with everyone: from famous restaurateurs to ordinary office workers. Finally, Minsk wanted some atmosphere and simplicity, and not another loft with a cold and laboriously courteous service. Mexican flavor and Cuban hospitality did their job.

El pushka, минск

No doubt that more than 30 (!) varieties of rum and more than 15 sorts of tequila on the menu contributed to the success. The cocktails, well, the names were being discussed loudly at the bar: “I’d like a Fashionista, please” – and then, no end to all of the jokes coming after. Our favorites were strong and male Dulce Habana and Paloma, and Tropical Spritz was simply poured in our thermo mug and kept us warm and happy on the way home.

El pushka, минск

Cool, guys, you are doing a good job. Ceramic tableware with a bar badge, multicolored ponchos for those who feel cold, and endlessly nice bartenders. Passing by and seeing the falling waterline in guests’ glasses they kept on saying: “I anticipate another drink”.

El pushka, минск

Three days of joyful opening set a loud start, and I hope that the bar will not stay empty and will not lose its passion. In the conditions of the Belarusian market it is not easy, but I have a good feeling about that.


Herzena Street 12, Minsk

Opening hours 19:00 – 02:00

Don’t miss taco tuesdays!


photo credit -Alexander Nazarov