- And so what was in these shots? - I have no idea!

I am always in need of a place with good, not very sophisticated music, to which I could dance uncontrollably. I must tell you honestly, there is a big lack of these places in Minsk. I have tried to go to a couple of clubs, and I left them with a complete sense of disgust from all the pickups or from the impression of a rural disco. In some places, for example in Bazaar, music on weekends is both loud, and sort of dance music, but it is unfamiliar to me, so I can’t really dance to it, it does not get me going.

One night, when we were not allowed into Dozari, thank God, we ended up in a small, but very cool bar BarDuck.

The room area of several square meters contained an excellent bar, handsome bartenders, endless variations of shots, dancing to exhaustion – and as a result, a mind-blowing mood.

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Our usual plan goes like this: altogether we crash at Bar Duck, squeeze into the bar, order shots. We wait for 10-15 minutes. As soon as a table is free, we throw off things, take more shots and start dancing. I do not remember studying the menu, although – the cocktail with a duck in a bath is a must-have – but at that time we were shamelessly drinking shots, the content of which we had no idea about.

I remember, we even ate something, sandwiches probably, and on the table there was a little dish with caramel popcorn, which came in handy.

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Everyone in the bar was dancing – we, the gals, ready to jump to every possible tune, and our brutal dudes who dance only to Depeche Mode. Whether the intimacy of the room, or the general atmosphere of genuine fun, but Bar Duck is now always associated with dancing till dawn and a really relaxed get-together. Minsk is a city in which you are always in sight – wide streets, a sense of surveillance at every turn. This bar is somehow different. For many, this bar is one of the “drunk mile stops”, but I’m ready to be jumping there until dawn.

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Despite the fact that the bar is small, there are signature cocktails, and home-made infusions, and non-alcoholic mixes with the names of Disney ducklings. Cocktails in baths and jars, mini snacks with shots, the floor laid out with coins and photos on which you can find yourself shaking the shakiest parts of your body – all of this is really an excellent option for a weekend. Don’t be scared if you do not have enough space to sit down – you can wait for it, stand at the counter, but to find a better alternative in this city is much more difficult.

Gikalo Str. 5

Light snacks

Sat – Thu 6.00 a.m. – 02.00 a.m.

Fri-sub 6.00 a.m. – 04.00 a.m.

Mai Tai 8 rubles

Clover club 8 rubles


photos from relax.by and BarDuck facebook page